Happy Thanksgiving.

World Vision ADP GuatemalaIt’s been my 40th Thanksgiving. It’s been a very different year for me. I’ve experienced wonderful joys and difficult sorrows. I have so much to be thankful for. If I were to begin writing about all of them, I’m sure my season of life would end before I was able to pen every one.However, today, I am blessed to be caught up in the hands of grace found in Jesus Christ. I’m blessed to be surrounded by a powerful family that lifts me up in prayers that covers my multiple sins. I’m blessed to have shared over 18 years of thanksgiving with my wonderful wife and I’m thankful for beautiful children.Draw close to God and He will draw close to you. Find Him in the difficult places where He is seeking to restore. Go there and be with Him.Peace.Johno~



blurred flowers

It’s the only thing I can think of… blur. This last month has been a blur full of ups and downs. I’m so thankful for all those who have stood by our family in thoughts and prayers. This last Monday it had been 30 days since my wife’s mother passed away. Blur. A mix of [...]


TOMS one for one

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I’m always looking for a good cause… Something unique to support that makes a difference for issues relating to poverty and justice. Not long ago, I looked into a company called TOMS shoes. What a great idea! TOMS shoes, of course… sells shoe. However, when you buy a pair, they donate one pair for a [...]


International Guild of Visual Peacemakers


I’m trying to use my powers for hope and not hurt. Photography has been a wonderful tool for me to help bring awareness to many about the world we live in. I’ve been very blessed to travel to several third world cultures, independently and with World Vision using photography to tell a different story… a [...]


Lead, read or get out of the way.

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I’ve always felt like a leader, but… the weight of just following or doing nothing drags me down to the pace of a snail… I would really rather watch TV and I hate that. So what makes a good leader? How do you fight against the drag that keeps you down and out?Charlie “Tremendous” Jones [...]


Don’t change your photography, pick it up.


I most likely will never be known as one of the top “photo blogs” for student or aspiring photographers and that’s OK. In a world where it seems as if everyone owns a camera of some kind, it also seems as if everyone is now a photographer, and I’m OK with that too. So, in [...]


Lucky Penny


I remember that Sunday morning well. It was the day I discovered I was selfish and that a mother could be disappointed in her son.I wasn’t a bad kid… As a young boy, growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, very near East Compton, we attended a little conservative church in Paramount. It’s hard [...]


I’m illegitimate.


Just the other day I received an email from a single mother who thanked me for sharing about my life as a child who grew up with no father. Yes, I am illegitimate. A child of the 70’s which seems to be better than a child from the 60’s… or not. I was born and [...]


Don’t you wish you could?


Not long ago I wrote about getting the right ingredients in your photography to help make a successful image. But, that’s not true for every shot. There are some things you cannot plan. Instead, they just happen. When you do take that shot, you might not even know what you have until you take the [...]




One of the risks of writing out your thoughts is this… you wrote them out for others to see. That’s right! It’s in print, black and white, posted in cyberspace and retweeted around the globe in moments to “friends” and “followers.” It might have sounded like a good idea at first to write it down [...]


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