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Ready or Not

I sit here on a sofa, up to late typing my final words before I take off on a trip around the world.

I look forward to this adventure and all the stories.



Ebola, Tanks and Peace

A crazy two more weeks before I leave for Uganda and from there to Israel. I am keeping my eyes wide and my heart open. What will God put before me to see, witness and touch? What attacks from the “enemy” are coming my way?

God is most powerful and to be trusted… however, that doesn’t mean it all works out the way “I” want.

In the last few weeks, I can see God saying, “Trust me.”

Recently, there has been an Ebola virus outbreak in Bundibugyo… not to far from Fort Portal… and in Israel, tanks have pushed the boarders in the Gaza Strip.

Both situations, significant to an American on a short term mission trip… yet, everyday to those living beyond the boarders of a culture to self centered.

Still I find peace.

Peace that passes all understanding and a peace beyond all doubt.

Keeping up with Dr. Myhres blog, regarding the Ebola virus, I found one reflection that really touched me.

My mind keeps reaching back to some words of the Psalms which I can’t place, though a thousand have fallen at my side, yet I will trust.
We feel the falling of Jonah so acutely, we were both on the same front line of the same battle fighting side by side, yet he went down and we have not.
I know I can’t trust in anything other than God . . . Certainly not in not dying, which is not guaranteed, as Jonah shows. If we make it through this then what about the next tragedy? Safety is not the basis of trust. Instead our trust needs to be in God, inexplicable God, dangerous God, other-than-us God, who does not order this world according to our will, but knows more than we do and loves more deeply.

As viruses are contained and peace talks resume, I think of the next tragedy… and I trust.

I admire a faith that finds itself writing such powerful words as those above. Complete trust. It’s where I want to be… It’s where I am going.



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