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What do you do with all that video shot at your wedding? Edit it together and give it to your wife.

To my wife, my lover, my friend…
I love you more then ever before. Happy 15th anniversary.

Always and forever.



I was just thinking about nicknames… I’ve had mine since high school… (Johno) Anyone else have a nickname that’s lasted as long as mine? 20 years?

I think I received mine by default by hanging out with a guy named Dean… We called him Deano. Together Deano and I had a DJ group with two other high school friends, Darryl and Jeff. Darrylo and Jeffo didn’t really click, but Deano and Johno somehow did. I kind of wish it had more of a story. Something with flair.

So, when do you out grow them? Is it OK if you want to keep it? Would it be bad to have it on your tombstone?

Anyhow, I was just curious about others who have nicknames… What’s yours and how did you get it?

btw, my wife doesn’t call me johno, she calls me JT, and when I’m in trouble she calls me Johnathan Matthew.



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