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All is well that can be well…

I feel guilty for not keeping up-to-date with everyone on how life is for the Thomas family. All is fine. Adam is doing very well. If you take a look at my POTW you will see chunky cheek Adam getting his first haircut. I don’t think he was ready for it. It’s not a great photo, however, it shows a very “normal” child.

It seems as if Caleb has caught yet another cold and Miriam is trying her best to catch it too. Hannah, just wants the spring to start so she can play softball.

Dawnette, well D is still breaking records as super woman. I’m still not sure why she picked me to have offspring with but I’m not complaining.

Myself… well, I’m learning that I don’t know much of anything. I’m not trying to put myself down, I’m just in a “revisit” everything mode. I have new question and new answers… Many of which I struggle with.

On the photo side of things, football season is here. I still have a lot to learn. I’m really not that great at photography. SO MUCH TO LEARN. I’m trying.

Well, to the many that read this, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.



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