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The end of 52

An entire year has passed and I have arrived at the end of my photo-a-week project. I can say it’s been a lot of fun and it has been a real pain. Sometimes the photos came early… other times, late Saturday night. Yet, 52 photos have come to an end and it really has been a blessing. I’ve been able to see things in a way I’ve not seen in the past. Now, everything is a photo captured in my mind with or without a camera. It’s amazing the things you see when you look.

I think that’s why I love photography… Seeing things differently. Many people walk past the photos I take and never see what’s right there in front of them. Sometimes it’s grand… sometimes it’s humble, but, it’s always there. Funny, sometimes people can look at the same thing I’m looking at and not see what I see. I guess many of my pictures are a glimpse into my mind.

So what’s next? After seeing my friend Jason Hill’s picture of the day for December, I thought, “I can do a picture-a-day for a year.” My wife was nice enough to remind me of my schedule and how I don’t deal with failure very well. Sooooo, I suppose I’ll take another shot at the 52 picture project again… And one other photo project.

“photo 52 people”

I’m not sure how this will work yet… a project that will grow on it’s own I’m sure. I can see the 52 people project using the talents of several other photographers I know… Jason, Nir, Allan, Dustin, Cody and a few others. We will see. They may not want to participate… But I’m sure it would be fun.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to another year of life… God willing, it will be great.


P.S. To those with an active prayer list:
Please add to your prayer Tamar Alon who was in a motor bike accident this last week. She is the daughter of my dear friends Nir and Dorit Alon who live in Jerusalem, Israel.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

I pray the this time of the year you are reminded of all the TRUE blessings you have.



Home Studio

Well, I’m having a fun time in my little home studio… our dining room. I have to thank my friend Jason Hill for pointing me to this site Stobist. My lighting skill are challenged because my studio is small… It’s small, really small, but it works.

Mondays are my day off and so I usually get some time to play around and wouldn’t you know it, I have my own models. However, today came at a $2 per kid per hour rate. I think I’m in the hole. Anyway, Dawnette, unfortunately, works on Monday. I guess it good, it gets her out of the house because it gives her a chance for “grown-up” talk and I get the kids. She does get to keep Adam, at least for now. All I can say is, “look out Adam, the “studio” is waiting for you.”

So here are some of my shots of the kids taken today. I know, I know, no shots of Adam, but remember, he was with Dawnette and I’m in charge of dinner for Mondays and so the dining room had to be back in order before Dawnette and Adam came home.

OK… I couldn’t leave Adam out… Here’s a shot taken in the “downstairs” studio about a week ago.

So, for friends and family, so that you know, all is well and we are blessed… Happy holidays.




First off, my apologies to everyone waiting to hear how things are going with Adam. I am very thankful for your prayers and thoughts.

Adam is doing very well. At his last appointment he weighted in at 13 lbs. and 15 oz. That’s only one ounce off from the target weight set one month ago by the Doctor. This is a wonderful thing. We are blessed.

However, we have been blessed, even without Adams weight gain. God is not a God who blesses only in the good but may also bless in the bad. Without this difficult time, we would have never known how blessed we are with so many friends around us… Even our dear friends in Jerusalem. Thank you Nir.

Since October 31st, this has been our families life:

Adam – Weight loss
Hannah – Shingles
Miriam – Chicken Pox
Caleb – Croup
Adam – Chicken Pox
Dawnette and Adam to see GG in California
Miriam – Fever
Caleb – Fever
Johnathan – Cold
Dawnette – Cold
Hannah – Fever
Johnathan – Cold and youth retreat

That pretty much brings everyone up to date.

I have felt a bit lazy or un-motivated to write… This is due to the blog post that almost “killed” me. After Adams last check up, many of you may have been surprised by the short post updating Adams situation. Well, I had written a long thought out post which was lost when I hit spell check. I was bummed. I had really poured myself out and of course had no more energy to re-write it. So I am saving this as I go… Don’t want to drop off the world of Blog for another 30 plus days.

I wish I could say I’ve not been on for a while because, “I’ve been saving the world” but, alas, it’s just not been that exciting.

It’s a wonderful time of the year. My Photo of the month project is coming to an end… Only 3 photos left. What a challenge. I thought about doing a photo a day, however, my wife thinks that’s a bit much. We’ll see what comes about.

I’m glad to be back and want to wish everyone the best.


P.S. Thanks Jeb for bringing it up to an even number 4.


A new post is coming soon.

To my faithful remaining 3.5 readers who have lived in limboland with me for over a month… I promise, a new post is coming very soon.



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