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Tuba City day 3

Well, everything is going well. We arrived Saturday and Kicked off our first night by going to Sonic. Two words… LEMON_BERRY. It’s what separates the BOOYYYYYZZZZZ from the MMMMMMMEENNNNNNN. While we were there, we met our first two residence. They were both drunk. We bought them dinner and told them to find Jesus.

Sunday was great. I was able to preach for Paul and I was surprised by many new members. Grace, Raymond and Jeremiah were a few that I met. We had a potluck lunch and did a couple small projects Sunday. That night we headed for Coal Mine Canyon. Mike gave our devo and shared his story. What a change of Life. There was no place he could hide from God… He is a true blessing. (I will write more about his story later)

We wanted to hike down to the bottom of the canyon but our time ran out. We will try again later today. The views here can be something else. Sunsets like this everyday.

Today we roofed a local families home. We started at 7 AM and stopped at 12 noon. We roofed about 1/3. God was nice enough to cover us with clouds for a bit.

Well, I must head out to hear our “Culture” talk.

We are all well.



On the road.

On the road. Hey everyone. Just wanted to say we got off to a great start… 4am comes early. I hope to post from my cell.


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